Hsp90 meeting

The next one (the 11th)

is already scheduled:

Seeon, Germany,

Oct. 23-27, 2024

Hsp90 webinars

Once a month, by zoom. Awesome program for the next few months. A great way to stay in touch with the Hsp90 community. More information and registration to receive announcements here.

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At one of the first Hsp90 meetings, in Gwatt in 2004, the idea came up that it would be useful for the community to have a dedicated and not-for-profit web site to serve as a focal point. The domain name was therefore registered by Didier Picard who is a basic research scientist working at an academic institution. He continues to be the webmaster for this site.


Picard lab resources

Cartoons of the Hsp90 chaperone cycle


(this page could also include links to public sources of reagents, sequences, journals, …)